Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Garden

Everyone wishes they could have a garden in their home. A lovely area filled with towering trees and bright flowers of various colours. There is something so magical about a garden. Maybe it is the pictures of Rivendell with its beautiful autumn foliage and stone palaces, or maybe it is the secret garden that Mary frequents, whatever the inspiration, the sentiment rings true. Gardens they bring beauty and a sense of fantasy into your home. Therefore it is important that the garden you have is designed well in a way that it bewitches those who see it and does not make them turn away. So here are things you need to keep in mind when designing your garden.

Know what you want and plot the design

The most important thing you need to do is make a list of what you want your garden to have. Do you want a play area for the children, maybe a reading nook, sandstone walls Brisbane or even a herb garden. It is important to know what exactly you want. Then draw a small map of your garden and see where the things you want should be installed. This way your ideas can be more than just a thought. An advantage of drawing a map is that you can plot out your garden design and know if some your ideas won’t work with the space available.

Demolish before designing

One of the things that people regret is that they didn’t demolish existing things first. If there is a shed you don’t like or an installation that you do not fancy then have these demolished first before you start designing your garden. Hire good demolition companies to help you out and get the item removed properly. If you already begin designing yoruu garden, chances are you will end up ruining the plants and spreading the dust from the cement everywhere. Cleaning up a garden after it is designed is difficult and may even be more expensive due to the care that needs to be given. So always demolish any unsightly item first before designing the garden.

Pay attention to the Weather and Climate

Everybody wants one of those gardens in the house design magazines and while you can go ahead and have such a garden you also need to pay attention to the weather and climate in the place where you live in. If you live in a country prone to hot summers and monsoons then you would need to ensure that there is sufficient drains available to help take the water away. Outdoor furniture will need to be protected and water proof. If winter is harsh and cold, then you may need to consider having berries in your garden as they would add some colour to the greys and whites of winter.