Points To Consider To Make Old Aged Friendly Bathroom

We all love or parents. We love them even more when they get older. It is our time to pay back which they have given to us. They have invested all their life in making us a good human being. Held our hand and teach us to learn. They kept awake all the night long to calm us when we were infant. They were always there for us to hold when we are about to fall. So, we have to take care of them when they grew older. They become so fragile that they can’t do their basic thing with their own hands. They need our support.

As an obedient children’s, we have to take care of all their needs and provide all the things to them that are accessible to them. When we specially talk about the bathrooms then they need to visit bathroom multiple times in a day. If we don’t provide them facilities in a bathroom then their life become a hell. So, we have to renovate a bathroom for them in which all the facilities are available for them.

We have to consider the following points which doing aged care bathroom renovations in Sydney.

No Slippery Rugs on the Floor:

Never keep slippery rugs on the floor. Even if there is a droplet of water on the floor then there are chances that they will fall down and invite some unexpected issues which can’t be resolved. Plus, they would face terrible pain which is not at all acceptable.

Railings for Support:

We need to have multiple railing for their support. We need to have the railings near the shower cabin, commode area, bath tub area and wash basin area.

Walk in Bath Area:

A walk-in bath area is preferable so that they don’t have to walk. Even 5-6 steps are many for them. So, we have to make sure that they don’t have to walk much within the premises of the bathroom.

Shower Bench is a Must:

A shower bench is a must. They can’t stand for long. Also, the speed of taking shower becomes slow. They take shower in a slow pace. We have to keep a bench for them so that they can take shower easily.


Having multiple shelves at many places are necessary, it will help them in taking and keeping back again the toiletries and towels. Also, we have hangers to keep the clothes.


There should be enough lighting that everything can be clearly seen.

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